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Maryna’s Story: I found another family here!

Credit: Maryna Oleshchenko

My favourite Sam, Ted, dear Karmen and Canadians. When I thought of writing these lines, I wanted to write about gratitude. But with every word I understood that it is impossible to express in words what life gives, what makes it possible to save oneself, what tomorrow gives.

I’m from Ukraine. For many months now, a terrible and cruel war has come to my house, to my Ukraine. It was scary, but at the same time, anger and hatred inside grew every day. And I didn’t understand what was destroying me more? Fear, war or anger? I was afraid that hatred would become my world and that it would be an irrevocable point. I found the strength in myself and decided to take a chance. I flew to Canada.

I bow my head low to the ground, as a sign of my greatest respect for you, your land, your entire people! You are the cradle of kindness, peace, love, family, mutual respect! You are worthy to be equal to you and take an example, learn from you and admire you! My heart was filled with love and light again! It still cries and hurts, because my relatives are in Ukraine, but being here with you, I live and can help my family in Ukraine. What you are doing for the Ukrainians cannot be expressed in words, I once again bow my head low before you!

I found another family here! Day after day, step by step, you protected me, healed me, supported me. My dear SAM, TED, ALEXANDER, INDI BACHYNSKY I bow my head to the ground before you! My life journey continues. You are with me in my heart!

Maryna’s host family, June 2022
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