Donate today to assist with necessities for Ukrainians.


Help Ukraine VI is in the process of registering as a non-profit. We anticipate the process being complete mid-summer.
Meanwhile, all donations are ear-marked for the specific needs of our arriving guests.

Donations of any amount can be sent via interac e-transfer to .
Use the links below to donate using a credit card:

Donation of Goods:

Nanaimo Free Store for Ukrainians (near Uplands Dr): Please phone 250-731-7092 for details.

Victoria Free Store for Ukrainians (2046b Keating Crossing Road ) : Please contact Regina to arrange a drop off.

We are unable to store donated items elsewhere as we have nowhere to keep them.
If you would like to donate items in other areas, please list them on our Free Classifieds site.

Heatherington House:

  • Donate to House Ukrainians at Heathering House. The Kiwanis Village Society has offered us the recently vacated two-story Heatherington Building on Cook Street near Cedar Hill Road to home Ukrainian displaced people for one year! They’ve even waived the first month’s rent. All we need to cover is insurance, hydro, and furnishings. If you would like to help house 15 families (up to 26 people), please consider donating! All donations, big or small, help us towards achieving this goal!

Donate Air Miles or Buy Flights for Ukrainians:

  • The Canadian government has announced a a partnership with Miles4Migrants to help bring Ukrainians to Canada.
  • If you would like to donate Air Miles or points, or if you would like to buy a flight for a Ukrainian person in need, please contact Transport a Sister you can donate to them here. This group of volunteers in Poland are doing incredible work matching people wanting to donate with people needing flights. There are no fees. For safety, will you buy a flight ticket with points or dollars in the name of the traveller, or coordinate payments with Transport a Sister. Never send money or points directly to a traveller.

Donate to Canadian Organizations:

    The Canada-Ukraine Foundation (CUF) coordinates, develops, organizes, and delivers assistance projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine.
    Meest/Nova Poshta work with Caritas Ukraine, BackAndAlive and Організація «Народна самооборона Львівщини» / Lviv Samooborona to deliver this help effectively and exactly where needed via vast network of volunteers. Aid includes: Military gear, Shelter/Protective gear
  • Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF)
    Humanitarian relief in the areas of assistance to displaced persons, medical care, emergency shelter, and food security.
  • Help us Help
    Frontline tactical medical supplies and relocation of vulnerable institutionalized children.
  • Friends of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund
    Assistance for those serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces as well as the casualties of war, displaced persons, families of those serving and children who have lost a parent due to war.
  • Catholic Near East Welfare Association
    Working with Caritas Ukraine to assist displaced families, creating field kitchens to help with humanitarian aid, medical help or spiritual and psychological support.
  • Saint Javelin
    Support for children of Ukrainian veterans.
  • UCU Helps Ukraine
    Українска Кредитова Спілка продовжує проект, щоб допомогти українським пораненим героям повернутися  якнайскорше до нормального життя. Кошти були передані та передаються беспосередньо до рук бійців.

Donate to Ukrainian Organizations:

    Every day the Foundation provides humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by the war.
    Підтримати армію матеріально
  • National Bank of Ukraine – Official website of Ukraine
    Support of National Armed Forces of Ukraine.
  • Wounded Soldiers Rehabilitation – Nova Ukraine
    Medical rehabilitation to wounded Ukrainian soldiers with serious spinal trauma.
  • Razom – Together we are Ukraine (
    Medical equipment and training, fostering of civic engagement among Ukrainians.
  • Caritas Ukraine –
    Assistance for displaced families, creating field kitchens to help with humanitarian aid, medical help or spiritual and psychological support.
  • Brave Ukrainian freedom fighters are making the ultimate sacrifice for their families and the future of their children. They need the equipment to protect themselves, to continue this fight for us all.
  • Odessa Charity Foundation Way Home 
    Odessa Foundation’s “Mobile Family Support Service” directly helps families in need across the Odessa region by visiting their homes with psychosocial and medical specialists. At this time, Odessa Charity Foundation is focused on providing food, emergency kits, clothing, medicine, and shelter outside the city for emergency evacuation of children and women.
  • The Salvation Army
    The Salvation Army serves in 9 locations in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries assisting with food, shelter, clothing, emotional support and basic needs for the refugees. They are also heavily working on anti-human trafficking measures and handing out brochures to the refugees to make them aware of this risk and have already stopped some cases from occurring.
    Women’s Federation for World Peace (Ukraine)- The Women’s Federation for World Peace is committed to establishing lasting peace by uniting women of Ukraine and other countries in educational and charity projects. Women’s Federation for World Peace is arranging psychological integration workshops, art therapy, and other rehabilitation programs for 152 IDPs, with a focus on children and women from Eastern Ukraine.
  • Bright Kids Charity (Ukraine)- Bright Kids Charity helps IDPs and families of children with disabilities in high-risk zones access essential medical care, with the belief that no one should be left behind during peace-time or war-time. Bright Kids Charity is increasing its projects and resources in their work to support children with disabilities and their families who cannot flee conflict zones.

Donate to International Organizations:

  • International Medical Corps
  • United Nations Refugee Agency
    Nova Ukraine (US) – Nova is a US-based, diasporic nonprofit dedicated to raising cultural awareness and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Among Nova Ukraine’s projects is a humanitarian effort, Heart2Heart, which assembles and delivers aid packages directly to Ukraine.
  • AirBnB has partnered with Nova Ukraine to provide free short-term accommodations to Ukrainians fleeing war.
  • United Help Ukraine (US) – United Help Ukraine, Inc. receives and distributes donations, food, and medical supplies to Ukrainian IDPs [Internally Displaced People] and families affected by war. United Help Ukraine is putting together first aid kits and collaborating with other emergency response organizations to prepare humanitarian aid.
  • CAF America continues to monitor US sanctions on Russia as it relates to the Russian invasion into Ukraine. We remain committed to facilitating regulatory-compliant grants to charity partners that follow CAF America’s policies and all relevant U.S. laws and regulations. During this period of rapid change, CAF America is here to help interpret what these new developments mean for our donors and charity partners.
  • Internews (US)- In order to protect public interest, independent journalists in Ukraine risk their lives in order to uncover human rights abuses and corruption in-country. Currently collecting emergency funds, Internews is protecting Ukrainian journalists who provide trust-worthy, life-saving information.