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Frequently Asked Questions

I need help with a host, housing, food, help with documents, welcome basket, etc: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/assistance

I need food: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/food/

I have immigration questions (CUAET, PR, etc): https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/immigration-help/

I need information/resources: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/once-you-arrive-in-canada/

I need furniture, appliances, etc: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/classified-listings-categories/

I need a job: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/jobs/

I am in immediate crisis: Email: [email protected]; text/phone: 778.535.5372

I am facing domestic violence: https://uk.ukrainehelpvi.ca/domestic-violence/

I want to volunteer: Email: [email protected]

I want to donate furniture, appliances, etc: https://ukrainehelpvi.ca/listing-form/

I want to donate money or food cards: https://ukrainehelpvi.ca/how-to-donate/

I want to become a host: https://ukrainehelpvi.ca/apply-to-host-ukrainians/

I want to offer rental housing: Email: [email protected]

I am with the media (radio, newspaper, tv, etc): Email: [email protected]

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