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CUAET guides pt.4: How to verify your university diploma(s) in Canada

This blog contains the unedited posts of Ukrainians who successfully moved to Victoria, BC, and/or their hosts. Content posted with permission. For privacy we are keeping them anonymous. The opinions expressed in the blog are those of the author and are neither supported nor endorsed by the moderators of this website.

Just another “how to” guide. In order to verify your Ukrainian university diploma(s), you may use the accredited WES or ICAS services, https://www.wes.org/ca/ or https://www.icascanada.ca/ Just like VFS Global, they tend to be slow, nonresponsive, overbureaucratized, overloaded, but as far as I know there is no way around this painstaking procedure. Normally, WES or ICAS request legally certified translations with Ukraine Ministry of Education’s “apostille” of every relevant document, but for some CUAET ppl it may even be problematic to get a scan of the diploma and the detailed dodatok, because so many were fleeing in a hurry or had all less essential papers lost or burned in the homes they had to leave. You might be able to get your diploma’s information on the following resources (I didn’t need to use these) https://www.inforesurs.gov.ua/ or https://theconnection.ece.org/Updatedinformationf/1664/n #cuaet #avucu #universitydiploma #diplomaverification #wes #icas

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