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Food Share Policy

The Help Ukraine Vancouver Island Society (HUVI) Food Share program was developed to ensure that Ukrainian newcomers can access high-quality food on a weekly basis in a culturally-safe environment. It was not developed as a substitute for the responsibilities of hosts and other organizations on Vancouver Island who have committed to providing food for Ukrainian newcomers.

Effective January 30, 2023, newcomers who are staying at Safe Haven, Ukrainian Village Transition House (UVTH), and with HUVI hosts are *NOT* eligible to obtain food from HUVI Food Share events except in exceptional circumstances, that have been approved in writing by one member of the HUVI board of directors. Exceptions will be considered only when a host is unable to provide adequate food. 

Newcomers may access one Food Share event per family per week. All newcomers must register upon arrival. Registration information will be used only for administration of this program, and will not be shared with any other organization or agency except as required by law. 

HUVI will continue to provide food directly to UVTH on a weekly basis, unless and until alternative and equal arrangements are organized by UVTH. 

Newcomers must hold a CUAET visa to access Food Share programs. CUAET visa holders are welcome to access Food Share events if they:

– living on their own, or

– living with friends/family, 

– living with a host who is not providing food, or

– have been here longer than 90 days, and have entered into an extension agreement with a HUVI host, or

– have received a written exception from a member of the HUVI Board of Directors. 

All Ukrainians, regardless of CUAET status or living arrangements, are welcome to attend Meet and Greet events. 

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