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A Letter to Hosts

We found this letter online and have posted it for hosts to read. It’s not meant to be a checklist, but rather to give one person’s view on some of the challenges you may encounter in your first few days as a host. Like all of us, our guests are people with individual likes and dislikes, fears and dreams. 

Dear Host:

This letter is not intended to belittle the kindness people are willing to put forth. I admire all doing what they can.🙏
Transition into Canada isn’t mentally easy 😪 Its exhausting at the very least.
A perfect storm of emotions, even under the best of situations.

Things I learned over the 8 years (34 people) I opened my home to foreign workers with work permits… What they will be grateful for in my own experience:

* NO hoopla/fanfare @ airport. They are very humble, anxious & guarded right now A Welcomed hug is acceptable🤗
* Google translate & WIFI as soon as possible to contact family
* Many will want a hot shower & relax for 2 days before you attempt anything, that includes meeting new people
* A comfort meal of substance is important.
* Many Ukrainian people prefer a broth soup of basa fillet(fish), whole chicken cut into big pieces, potatoes, celery, whole onion, cabbage & carrots.
* Many do not like cream soups like Canadians do.
* Sea salt, ground pepper & smoked paprika, vinegar, real mayo, mustard & fresh whole loaves of bread are main staples.
* I suggest getting a big pot
* Note that many won’t be used to safe tap water at home.
* Invite your guests to prepare with you 💕
* Many prefer pork, chicken & fish. Beef is a treat!
* A shot of good quality vodka would be welcome, but is not necessary.
* Many Ukrainians love red rose teas, black teas, pure honey, whole milk & coke !
* Have toiletries ready; many prefer Colgate toothpaste

After a few days:
* Service Canada is always 1st stop: SIN#, Health card.
* provide them with a rental/room lease (if applicable)
* go get a bank account with new ID, and exchange any foreign currency
* take them food shopping. Please try to find a European market for foods that are normal for them. Do not just stock what you think they will like.
* enroll in ESL asap
* seek employment
* apply for vehicle license & insurance
* find a Church of their faith for support of their own language (if applicable)
* find local Ukrainian groups for friendship


I hope this helps some of you to get ready for this awesome experience you will share with them. This is life altering for everyone. I personally have cultivated many friendships that have turned into a international family💕🙏
Good Luck to all of you. 🙏

– Darla Hill, Alberta, Canada
(Gently edited for clarity)

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